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Weekly Shop Rides

Group Ride Etiquette 

  1. Never cross the yellow line
  2. Obey all traffic signs and signals every time
  3. Signal your turns
  4. Point out holes and road debris
  5. Follow ride leader directions
  6. Rides/times subject to change/cancellation
  7. Check and like our Facebook for updates


MTB Tranquility

  • MTB ride leaves here at 6pm for Tranquility Park and gets back to the shop at 7:30pm . Usually the group will enjoy refreshments afterwards. Sometimes it is supplied by the shop and other times it’s bring your own to share.
  • Don’t ride wet trails
  • Respect other trail users
  • Roll at 6pm
  • Hang out with us afterward


G.O.G Ride

This is a Girls Only Gravel (G.O.G.) Ride!

  • 15-20 Miles
  • Easy pace
  • Unsupported No Drop Group ride
  • Off the beaten path


Morning Ride A

  • Ride A is the 18mph and above average ride. It leaves at 8:30am.
  • 25-60 Miles
  • 18mph or faster, group may separate
  • No attacking, this is not a race
  • Regroup at halfway point
  • Ride at your own pace on the way back


Morning Ride B

  • B group or the ‘fantastic fitness ride’. It’s a 14-17 average pace and a little shorter. It’s a regroup ride.  It leaves at 9:00am.
  • No-drop ride
  • May regroup prior to halfway point to keep riders together
  • 30-40 miles



  • Started at the beginning of November (There are still slots available)
  • $240/ 4 months
  • 3 Sessions per week (Mon – Wed – Sat) or (Tue – Thur – Sat)
  • Includes Smart Trainer, computer and full service
  • Ride platform: Zwift